Artists Making a Difference in the World through their Art and NFTs

Support Us

The best way you can support Art for Our Sake right now is by buying  an NFT. To purchase an NFT, take a look at the galleries on this website. Artwork in the galleries have a direct link to the Art for Our Sake Collective—Extinction page where you can make a purchase. If you are new to cryptocurrency and want to learn more about how to buy an NFT, please look in the FAQ for How to Buy an NFT.


Another way to support our effort is by sponsoring an artist or a specific work of art. By sponsoring an artist or a work of art you can increase the amount of money that goes to a non-profit conservation organization when an NFT is sold.


In the future, we expect to expand the Art for Our Sake Extinction NFT effort by including more artists. We also plan to expand our effort into other areas, depending on artist interest.


You can also support Art for Our Sake by following us on social media. That is where we will be announcing new artists and new NFT art drops.