November 14th

Art for Our Sake

One-of-One NFT Art Auction

Greetings from Valeri Cranston

I’m proud to invite you personally to enjoy an exciting new concept in art collecting and supporting conservation efforts.


Peep Ainsoo • Chris Bacon • Valeri Cranston • Zoe Fitchet • Elke Gröning • Joni Gruber • Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen • Cheryl Safren • Christopher P. Sloan • Cole Stirling


The Art for Our Sake Extinction Collection

on the NFT marketplace.

This exceptional collection includes the work of ten accomplished artists who are passionate about nature and addressing the extinction crisis.

Their artwork is their voice for change.

Each artist carefully selected five artworks to be sold as NFTs on the NFT marketplace.

The Art for Our Sake’s Extinction Collection will be launched on November 14, 2022.

Starting on that date, you can make purchases from among forty NFTs created by these artists. In addition, each artist has selected one artwork for auction with a starting bid set to encourage bids.

This is your chance to be one of the first owners of an original, collectible NFT created by one of these artists. It is also an opportunity to support efforts to slow the extinction crisis.

Each artist will donate a portion of every sale to a conservation effort of their choosing.

Follow this link to learn more and take advantage of this unique opportunity to be one of the first to purchase a collectible NFT by these artists.

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