Artists Making a Difference in the World through their Art and NFTs

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About Us

The Art for Our Sake is more than an artistic initiative—it’s a platform for artists to use their creative voices to drive global change. We believe that artists can be agents of change in today’s challenging times, focusing less on “art for art’s sake” and more on “Art for Our Sake.”

Our inaugural focus is the extinction crisis, a threat so severe that it may wipe out half of Earth’s species by 2050. The disruption this causes is as bad for humanity as it is for the affected ecosystems, and it is time for serious intervention. Conservation efforts around the world need all the support they can get and this is a great way for artists and collectors to help.

We aim to raise funds for conservation non-profits using a cutting-edge tool—NFTs. NFTs transform digital artworks into a unique item called a “token” using blockchain technology. NFT tokens are indisputably owned by a buyer and a clear provenance is maintained through the blockchain upon resale. This is what makes NFTs “collectible” and it is how they provide artists with an additional way to generate revenue from their artwork. 

The Art for Our Sake Extinction collection features NFTs curated from conservation-minded artists worldwide. The NFTs being offered on this site were created to provide one-of-a-kind collectibles to collectors. They can only be purchased here. Each artist will donate a share of the proceeds of each NFT they sell towards a conservation cause of their choice.

Unlike many NFT marketplaces, purchasing an NFT on this website is easy. We’ve simplified the process, ensuring a scam-free experience. If you want to purchase an NFT from one of our artists, you can do it easily with a credit card (see image). Crossmint facilitates this. Crossmint is a service that helps bridge the divide between the world of cryptocurrency and regular currencies. If you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet, the NFT will be kept for you in a free Crossmint account.

Christopher P. Sloan, former Art Director and Director of Mission Projects at National Geographic Magazine, is the project’s curator. He brings a wealth of experience in art, nature, and science to the effort. 

There has been significant and legitimate concern among conservation enthusiasts about the energy consumed by cryptocurrency mining and transactions. That’s why we have chosen Cardano. Compared to many other cryptocurrencies, a Cardano transaction uses very little energy—about as much as a single Google search on your phone.

All of this is great, but the most unique thing about the Art for Our Sake effort is that NFT purchasers not only receive a digital NFT token. They will also receive a unique, beautiful fine art print of the NFT art embossed with the Art for Our Sake logo (see image). This is a one-of-a-kind print being offered by the artist. It comes at no extra cost to you. If you would like a print, simply send us your mailing address through the “Contact” button in the menu after you make your NFT purchase. Your purchase of our NFTs and prints will bolster both the artists and the conservation efforts they champion.

If you’re an artist interested in participating in Art for Our Sake initiatives, we’d love to hear from you. Together, we can make a significant impact on the world.